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About us

Thank you for visiting Deccan Aboard and wanting to know more about us.


Our Philosophy is to create a level playing landscape for enthusiasts to express their ideas, passions, hobbies, opinions and events with the highest journalistic principles. Deccan Abroad acts as information hub for the Indian diaspora showcasing their rich cultural and religious heritage, practices and events followed around the world.


In this high dense world of social networking which is ever growing and becoming more complex, preserving the sense of Indian culture, heritage, inspirations, languages become very critical for success of our future generations. Such an effort can only be garnered by community awareness/contributions across the world by individuals expressing their thoughts that are dear their heart. Deccan Abroad provides a platform for all the Indian diaspora to bring this onto one platform.


Do you love to write about your thoughts that can range from a simple joke to an op-ed on a burning issue? Do you get the feeling that your voice also needs to be heard, as it is as important as anyone else’s? Did you ever get a moment- a bright golden spot in the ritual we call day and night- an inspiring thought, feeling or opinion that you want to send out to anyone who would care and get touched?

Just register in Deccan Abroad and start contributing your thoughts on various topics and make your voice heard. Or if you are part of any Indian association and want to publish about the proceedings of your event, you can do it in Deccan Abroad. If you wish to send out a quick one liner on a grand achievement of your children—this is your home!

Do we charge?

No. Ours is a FREE service. All you need to do is register with a valid e-mail address and a valid phone no. Once you register, you can start expressing your thoughts that can span from spice to space. We are continuously adding new categories of interest to you. If you think we are missing something that you wish to add – pl. contact us.

Who are We?

We are a bunch of technologists who are passionate about freedom of expression. Pl. contact us if you need more info.