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Dr. Nazeera Dawood: Gifted, Talented and Humble Visionary

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I usually neither support nor oppose any candidates running in the local elections, but I will make an exception this time to openly declare my support of Dr. Nazeera Dawood for the Johns Creek City Council’s Post 5.


When I spoke to her a few months ago, she said she felt it was more like an interview.  When talking to her, I did not try to hide my unabashed liberalism and neither did she try to placate me nor my liberal stance by changing her views.  She was unwavering and resolute in her well-thought answers.

She did not agree with me on every issue that we discussed, and the questions had nothing to do with the local elections, but they will make many politicians quiver. She neither got vexed nor exasperated for asking them.  She has a very affable personality that will make her a favorite leader in our community.  The disagreements are over non-issues for the local office.  I asked those intricate questions to see how she would react and if she would sweat under pressure.

Dr. Nazeera is an honest person with well-educated positions on various issues.  We also discussed the situation of math and sciences in our schools and she knows how to improve the standards in our schools.  She being a doctor with a very long list of achievements, both academic and professional, understands the importance of education for a better future.  She is very talented and yet very humble, a very rare combination to find in our politicians these days.

I waited long to announce my support just to know more about her, and the more I learnt about her, the more I found her to be a right person for this post.

Dr. Nazeera, recently, conducted a seminar on race relations that brought the police and the community together on a platform to discuss various issues and misconceptions.  She, during the debate,  unlike liberals and conservatives, did not jump to either extreme.

Dr. Nazeera says the residents of the City of Johns Creek should benefit from every decision that the city takes.  She being a fiscal conservative opposes heavy tax burden on the residents of the City of Johns Creek.

Dr. Nazeera is a person who is not afraid to express her well-thought objective opinions, and her expertise in the field of education & sciences will benefit the community.

Politicians love to talk about glass ceiling women face in our country.  Dr. Nazeera not only broke glass ceiling but also crossed many hurdles that women face in her community by accomplishing her dreams.

You can help Dr. Nazeera by doing the following:

  1. Register to vote and exercise your constitutional rights, if you are a citizen
  2. Volunteer with the campaign
  3. Every campaign needs money so donate for a successful campaign
  4. Visit Dr. Nazeera’s website, www.nazeeraforjohnscreek.com
  5. Like the Facebook page. Www.facebook.com/nazeeraforjohnscreek
  6. Get a yard sign


I wish her good luck.


By Ramesh K


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