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  • Start meditation with a feeling that ‘I am the essence of Chidakasa. I am the supreme Prajnanaghana, the mass of wisdom. I am fearless. I am formless and attributeless. I am the support for the whole universe. I myself need no support. I am without Avidya and impurity’, I am the essence of Self-luminosity’, ‘I am the ocean of Immortal Essence of Reality’, ‘I am without the universe and beyond the pairs of opposites. I am the Absolute Self. I am Nirguna’, ‘I am eternally pure. I am beyond Maya. I am eternal Consciousness. I am undifferentiated. I am entirely free. I am desireless. I am eternally perfect,.
  • While you are meditating, try and fill your brain with thoughts like ‘I am undivided’, ‘I am infinite’, ‘I am full’, I am secondless’, I am Satchidananda Swaroopa’, ‘I am the Light of Lights’, ‘I am the Essence of Consciouness and Bliss’, ‘I am devoid of the thre bodies and the three Avasthas’, ‘I am the fourth state of Consciousness’.
  • Believe that ‘I am the witness of the body, etc., the rock-seated Being, the attributeless Supreme, and the Brahman, the full.
  • Atman meditation or the Supreme Self meditation helps you in conquering death.
  • Instead of spending too much time on studying books, meditate more.
  • In order to commune with God, meditate with concentration.
  • Enthusiastic and interesting meditation will carry out your determination unswervingly. You will have sanguine success in meditation and attain Samadhi or the Super-conscious state.


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