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  • There is an indefinable mysterious Power that pervades everything . It transcends the senses. This living Power is changeless. This living Power is God.
  • God is transcendental. We cannot think of Him. We do not know what He is. Words cannot describe Him. Man cannot easily grasp Him.
  • The supreme Lord is the Being of all beings, the Blessed, the Highest, the Consciousness that abides as the Self in all.
  • God is Himself the formless and the form. He is without qualities and with qualities. He is one. That one alone is many.
  • God is the Perceiver of all things. He is the Controller, Maker, Ruler, Fashioner. He is the Lord of all. He is the Father and Mother of all beings.
  • One God is hidden in every creation. He pervades all. He is the In dweller and Inner ruler . He is the Soul or Atman of all beings.
  • God is the light that lighteth  every man and every thing. He is self-luminous.
  • God grasps without hands . He walks without feet. He sees without eyes. He hears without ears. He tastes without tongue. He feels without skin. He smells without nose. He is a mysterious Being. He is only one without a second.
  • God is the motivating force within all beings.
  • God or Brahman is Being. Being is Satta, existence. He is pure consciousness.
  • God is circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference  is nowhere.
  • God is neither male nor female.He is Power and consciousness.
  • God is without Dimensions.
  • God is the music or melody in the song, the sweetness in the fruit, the thought in the mind, the lustre in the eyes.
  • God gives the fruits of Karmas. Karma, being non-sentient, cannot give the fruits of actions.
  • In Him all things live and move and have their being.
  • God sees everything, but is not seen.
  • All objects, and all men and women, will return to God, the root from which they proceeded.
  • All things pass. The Supreme Lord is the changeless, abiding Reality that passes not, for He is without beginning or end.
  • In God, there is no death. To know Him is to attain immortality.
  • God is not a detached spectator of the world-process. He guides it and actively participates in it, though He is not tainted by it.
  • It is the Lord alone who creates and is created, who protects and is protected, who withdraws and is withdrawn.
  • All are equal in the eyes of God. His caste is the caste of purity. His religion is the religion of love. His creed is the creed of selfless service and mutual helpfulness.
  • God is not far away and is not hard to see. The greatest Lord is one’s own Self which is the ocean of infinite knowledge.
  • God can be realised only by meditation and devotion.


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