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Lovers review

By   /  August 15, 2014  /  No Comments

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Lovers Telugu Movie Stills (1)Maruthi is serious in making his brand image by supporting his assistants as directors. Harinath has become director in a similar sense and made his debut for the film “Lovers”. The movie has hit the screens today. Let us see how the movie is…



Movie opens with Siddhu (Sumanth Ashwin) going to a church to confess his wanna-do action. Going into flash back, Siddhu falls in love with Geetha (Tejaswi). But Chitra Balasubhramanyam (Nanditha) who is possessive about her friend and who doesn’t like the word Love, make her to break up with Siddhu citing that he is a flirt.

Same action gets repeated when the same Siddhu loves Chitra’s friend Sowmya (Shamili). So, being the reason for his two break ups, Siddhu develops much hatred towards Chitra. But fate has other plans where Siddhu has got stuck with true love of his life when he sees a girl in a temple.

But the real twist comes to him, when he realises that the girl he saw in the temple is the same Chitra Balasubhramanyam, whom he hated the most. Rest of the story is all about his plans and series of errors he makes in making her to love him.


Sumanth Ashwin has done a decent job as Protagonist. He is believable as a lover boy. But it is alarmingly high time for him toe realise that acting is not just shaking his head and bulging out his eyes.

Nanditha has done a good job as female lead. But her expressions sometimes make you perplexed. She has improved a lot though. Tejaswi and Shamili are good enough as Nanditha’s buddies.

Sai is Okay and will travel throughout the film. Most disappointing thing about the movie is much hyped Saptagiri’s comedy works out in parts and on a whole one might feel little bored. Saptagiri has tried his best to bring out laughs in such a sourful script.


Only couple of departments came out with flying colours from the technical side. Camera work by Joshi is good and made the film look colourful and rich. Music by JB is soothing and his BGM complimented the scenes. Production values are good on-screen and the first time producers have done a neat job.

But what surprises me is, Maruthi has failed big time. He couldn’t score any brownie points in either of the departments he handled. Story in not engaging, Screenplay is not interesting and most of the scenes will bore you. The thing is that dialogues written him are better. S. B Uddhav has not done justice to his department. There are many loopholes and many threads went unexplained. May be this is what he can do with such a script.

First time director Harinath is just Okay. He has impressed in some scenes and falters in many.


The main problem with film is, it highly depends on Sapthagiri. He has become, Mini Brahmi for small scale movies. His role starts on a hilarious note and one gets irritated with the mediocre scenes coming one after the other. Top of all, Climax will make you to show sympathy on oneself. On a whole, Lovers may cater to limited section of audience. Don’t go with over expectations on Sapthagiri comedy. He has done much better job in his past movies. Result of this movie, depends on how audience embrace the second half and how producers promote their film.




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