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  • Meditation is the key to self realisation and achievement.
  • Meditation is indispensable to intuition which is the door of truth.
  • It differs according to the taste,temperament,and capacity of the individual.
  • It is not a process of acquiring power to fly in the air,and read the thoughts of others.The sole object of meditation is to bring the mind into contact with God.
  • In meditation,man communes with his own self,the God who dwells in his heart.He is alone,but he is never alone;but alone with God.
  • Meditation releases spiritual force and gives you poise and peace.
  • Concentration is the supreme desirelessness for objects.
  • The gods cannot put obstacles in the meditation of a man who  has reached the highest peak of perfection in dispassion.
  • Meditation on Atman or the Self,even for a moment,is greater than crores of sacrifices.Meditation alone is supreme.
  • It demands an extraordinary inner strength,a gigantic will,and absolute self-discipline.
  • Self – control,or the control of the senses and the mind,is the indispensable prerequisite to successful meditation.And silence,without fear of being disturbed while meditating, is very important.
  • Concentration of mind  and understanding of Truth are not possible when dullness prevails.
  • The lesser the cravings you have for sensual pleasures,the lesser your attachment to  worldly objects, the deeper will be your meditation, and the sooner will you attain God-realisation.
  • Despair, pain, tremor and hard breathing are obstacles in meditation.
  • If you feel sleepy and fidgety when you pray and meditate, know that the mind is impure and needs immediate attendance.
  • You live in a world where wars and winds are boisterous. If you meditate regularly, you will have a very calm mind. No storm will affect you.
  • During meditation, unlock the inner chamber, the treasure – house of wisdom and power.
  • Determine to persevere at any cost in meditation. You will attain success.

We shall discuss some more about Meditation in the next post.

Source: Sayings of Swami


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