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Parliament passes Citizenship Amendment Bill

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The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) finally provides justice to refugees even if natural justice is late

  Pakistan’s founding father and first justice minister, Jogendra Nath Mandal, came to India years later after tolerating violence against minorities.  Former PM Manmohan Singh, Jogendranath Mandal and many others have been granted Indian citizenship due to the promise of separation for minorities.  Pakistan, as well as other minorities, should seek citizenship and rights.
  India was divided on the basis of faith, citizens were able to choose the country and they were granted citizenship.  Violence against minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh, however, continued, resulting in a reduction of more than 20% of minorities.  Everybody has found commonality in India and the percentage of minorities has increased.  Minorities hold positions of President, PM and CJI in India.


  The Prime Minister of India and Pakistan signed the Nehru Liaquat Pact to give equal rights, opportunities and freedoms to minorities in both countries.  This was not followed in Pakistan and the minorities were cheated and wronged.

Owaisi tears copy of CAB in Parliament

  This injustice must be corrected decades ago, and it has not happened.  Minorities in former India who have been persecuted in the name of faith now have justice in modern India.
It is a known fact that Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are the only religious countries and minorities that are part of British India and share a border with India.

  Article 11 gives Parliament the right to regulate citizenship
  Article 14 says
  1.Equals should be treated equally
  2.Equals and Nana equals cannot be considered equal
  So how can a minority of 3 countries be treated equally with a majority of 3 countries?

  There are laws and facilities to protect minorities in India. Indian minorities have no excuse for this.

  The Act protects minorities in India as both countries have promised rights and freedoms at the time of partition.

  Most countries give naturalization or citizenship on their own guidelines, such as investing or exchanging money.  So people can apply for Indian citizenship on their own, including from Pakistan.
  This is not the first time that India has accepted the citizens of other countries.  For various reasons India accepted the citizens of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Uganda.

It does not affect any citizen of India irrespective of faith.
  It’s not about a faith.  For decades, justice has been denied to minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh.  The opportunity to give them back their rights here is now and again.
  If justice is delayed, justice will be denied.
  Even though it was still late, there was a bed for the weak and the refugees.

Let us respect the decision of the Parliament which symbolizes our sovereignty.  Let us thank our Prime Minister and the Home Minister.

Dr.C. Prabhakar Reddy, PROF & HOD CTVS, KURNOOL


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