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Some facts about the mind

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  • Mind is the root of this Samsara – tree which has thousands of branches, shoots, blossoms and fruits.
  • This Samsaric tree is, in essence, imagination only. Dry up the mind by ceasing from imagination. The tree of Samsara also shall dry up together with the drying up the mind.
  • Matter and mind are spirit in lesser and lesser degrees of density.
  • It is the mind that is the real cause for happiness and misery, as it sets whirling the wheel of samsara.
  • The mind is the cause of birth, old age and death. It comes into being with its extremely wavering nature, due to constant thinking of objects intensively experienced.
  • The mind cannot be objectified, but mind alone does everything.
  • The energies of the mind can be utilised either for construction or for destruction.
  • The mind can do only two things, either think of various objects through Vikshepa-Sakti or sleep through Avarana-Sakti.
  • The subconscious mind or Chitta has got two compartments or layers, one for emotion and another for passive memory.
  • Mind is the ruler of the senses.
  • Just as the current of the stream becomes weak as it descends the hill and reaches the plains, so also, the power of the Spirit becomes weak when the mind descends to the lower plane of consciousness.
  • When the mind is tranquil, the body also becomes healthy.
  • To subdue the mind is to subdue the world.
  • Mastery over emotions and passions is real education.
  • Mastery over mind is real education.

Courtesy: A real Life society Publication


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