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Swacch Devalaya – Let’s Keep Our Temples Clean

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Swacch Devalaya is a concept to keep temple premises clean with footwear placed neatly on the racks and not thrown helter-skelter on the floor.



In Bhagavtam (Canto 11, chapter 11, sloka 38 and 39)  Bhagavan speaks about the importance of keeping temples clean and says his devotee is not ashamed of doing any menial work in the temple and saying ‘this is my job’, he does not even hesitate to take a broom and sweep the yard. Bhagwan’s true devote is proud to place his sandals neatly on the racks. He does not expect others to do his work. Not paying due importance to civic sense is a disrespect we show to our brothers and sisters and ourselves. It is also lack of respect to the very Lord from whom we seek solace.

Like the little squirrels which helped Lord Sriram to build a bridge, together we can all build a bridge towards swacch devalaya. Each of us can take care of our footwear when we go to temples and also promote awareness to ‘Swacch Devalaya’ on social media like Face book, Twitter, whatsapp etc. This can create a ripple first, then a wave and ultimately a tsunami of awareness to keep temples clean. It does not cost us any money or more than a minute of our precious time.

Let us keep our temple premises clean placing the sandals neatly on rack and not throw them helter-skelter on the floor. We follow & feel Proud of us at work, Proud of us at home, why not  at temple for our Gods?

Please visit FB page SWACCH DEVALAYA – Leave footwear in the designated areas. Scroll to view the TV Asia coverage of Swacch Devalaya in their news segment. It is a four (4) minute video clip of excellent production. (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Swacch-Devalaya-Leave-footwear-in-the-designated-areas/170374012983724)






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