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Why are there so many atrocities against Women in India?

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The daily news seems to be flooded with harmful action against women. Rarely a day passes without chilling details on crimes against the fairer sex. More and more, the motive tends to be forced sexual gratification and the modus operandi is to gang up against the victim in a speeding vehicle and force their needs.

It is time to analyze the political will against our cultural backdrop and see where the problem is evolving from. Politicians, known for their double speak, have put their foot in the mouth time and again by openly laying the blame on the provocative attire of the girls and their liberalistic attitude. Their inane comments seem to stem from their own cultural deprivation, but the question lingers as to how much such a chauvinistic attitude can actually increase the likelihood of rapes. Man being a social animal looks to societal guidance on understanding how to curb the basic needs. In other words, a hormone driven man with pent up emotions is not the problem. But such a specimen, who assumes that his actions will be easily let off the hook by an understanding patriarchal society is the problem.


It is time to face facts brutally. Women love to dress up as much as men do and both the species are attracted to each other due to laws of nature. What constitutes as lust in one category, can be seen as an emotional need in another. Nature’s drive for copulation, as well as the societal pressure on appearances cause many a member of the fairer sex to look attractive. In fact it may be considered abnormal if the natural laws of nature do not make each one of us wish to put on our “best face” to the public in general. But leveling the finger of accusation at the basic need of gratification through attention is ridiculous to say the least and points to a severe mental incapability in the eye of the beholder.

In essence, what really causes the lustful behavior can never be fully explained. But a perception of a “friendly” society which will turn a blind eye, will cause many a male to gleefully plunge into the dark terrain of lustful attacks on women. In the same token, no amount of “preaching” on the nobility of women and spreading a halo about them will help. It is imperative that a practical notion be encouraged that all men and women are the same and each individual has his or her own interests and fascinations. Accept others as equal or risk severe punishment should be the refrain. Once the laws and the leaders stand by this principle, our society should start seeing a more stable and safe environment


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