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  • Yoga is the blessed way of life which helps one to come closer to God and be a fit instrument of His service in the world.
  • Any spiritual endeavour which enables to raise the human consciousness to cosmic consciousness, to unite the individual with God, is Yoga.
  • Yoga is a means for self-culture and cultivation of a spiritual perception into the nature of things,with God-realisation as the supreme ideal.
  • Yoga is a way of life that is dedicated to truth, love, purity, self-discipline, selfless service, and meditation and devotion to the Lord, to inner enlightenment and realisation of the presence of the Divine in the entire creation.
  • Yoga is the art of right living.
  • Yoga enables you to tap the Source, at will.
  • Duhkhasamyoga-viyoga Yogam. Yoga prevents misery.
  • Yoga means the progressive detachment of mind from matter.
  • Yoga means the suspension of the mind’s outgoing tendency.
  • Yoga is not a religion,but an aid to the practice of the basic spiritual truths in all religions.
  • Yoga is a way to God, and not a creed.
  • Yoga is essentially an inner process. It is a method of self-culture, to begin with.
  • Yoga has nothing to do with miraclemongering.It is a simple way of life, enabling the practitioner to attain union with God and thereby enjoy supreme bliss and joy.
  • Equilibrium of mind is the highest Yoga.
  • Life in the Divine or the Yoga-life is a life in freedom from the bondage of the world, from slavery to the mind and senses.
  •  Let everyone lead the Yoga-life of truth, love and purity, of selfless service and self-discipline, and meditate on the Divine and make oneself a better individual, and eventually attain Self-realisation.
  • The Yoga-life does not indicate the negation of the world, but is a process of self-culture and cultivation of a correct perspective into the nature of things.
  • Yoga-life is not an other – worldly life, but one which is very much concerned with the welfare of life itself.
  • Yoga-life is a constructive life, devoted and dedicated to the good of humanity, of all beings.
  • Concentration of the mind is the key to Yoga.
  • The twin characteristics of true Yogic idealism are detachment and the spirit of renunciation.
  • The practitioners of Yoga must be alert . intelligent, wise and efficient, all the time or whenever he wills.
  • An austere and simple life is indispensable for Yoga.
  • The practice of Yoga is the Key to unlock the chambers of the inner fountain of bliss and wisdom.
  • To satisfy the itching of the body and senses is Bhoga. To live for the Spirit is Yoga. To control the senses and mind is Yoga. Yoga leads to peace and bliss,but Bhoga leads to suffering and pain.
  • Bhakti and Jnana are complementary to one another. Devotion without Jnana may develop into emotionalism; and Jnana without Bhakti may develop into dry intellectualism.
  • Vedanta is the sublime philosophy that gives a directive to the Yoga way of life.
  • Yoga and Vedanta are basically the same.
  • Karma Yoga or the path of selfless action, Bhakti Yoga or the path of devotion, Raja Yoga or the path of mind-control, Jnana Yoga or the path of enquiry into the nature of Truth and Self-awareness, are all inter-related.
  • For an integral development of one’s personality and sure progress towards the goal of God-realisation, the practice of all these aspects in a synthetic way is essential.
  • A Yogi is the best wrestler, He wrestles with the mind and obtains victory over it.
  • He who has disciplined himself, who always practises self-control, is a Yogi.
  • The Yogi who has learnt the art of right living is happy, harmonious and peaceful. He is free from tension.


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